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Computer Repair Services

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NAS data backup enclosure.
We provide backup solutions for home or office, as well as RAID solutions for mission critical systems, so you'll never be caught out in a disaster.
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Wearing anti-static gloves while upgrading laptop memory.
Whether you have high-performance demands or you're just looking to bring new life to dated hardware, we can help.
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Computer technician sitting at a desktop computer.
Does your computer crash or fail to start? System failures and instability can be hard to diagnose. Let us troubleshoot the problem for you.
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Network cables attached to a router.
We do firewalls, routing, WiFi setups, and security audit services, for home and office networks.
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An open computer case showing a custom CPU air cooler, and an old gaming graphics card.
Custom disk partitioning, RAID arrays, multiple monitor setups, dual/multi-boot systems with your choice of Linux variant and Windows.
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A computer geek's reading glasses, in front of an IPS display.
Be confident in your system administration ability. We'll teach you to maintain your own Windows, Mac, or Linux based computers.
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Thermometer and pills on a desktop.
Even the most stubborn virus or trojan is no match for our Perth mobile computer technicians.
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A young couple standing next to a wall, with dozens of security cameras watching them.
Learn how to stay safe on the Internet. Protect private communications from hackers and other prying eyes.
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City buildings at night viewed through a complex modern art network structure.
For new wireless Internet and LAN setup, or troubleshooting connection problems on existing networks, we've got you covered.
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Eight Tux Penguin animations, each with a different linux distribution logo on their fronts.
Try-out Linux on your own computer, safely. We won't change your system or data in any way.
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